How I accidentally got to see Granada for a day.

Girona, September the 2nd 2013
So I was all by myself after my friends waved me goodbye and we continued into two opposite directions. They returned home to Austria and I headed alone to the American continent.
If its gonna work? I didn’t know, but at least I got to try. Continue reading Granada


I’m very sure that most of you have heard of Gibraltar(Arabic for “Mountain of Tariq”), even if its just a tiny overseas territory. It is possible to be the last known holdout of the Neanderthals and has a lot of other history to tell. Continue reading Gibraltar

Leaving Home

Innsbruck, 22.8.2013

The time has come. The time has finally come when I’m leaving my home in Innsbruck for the last time. Continue reading Leaving Home

Hitchhiking to Turbo 2

Con Subtítulos en español!
The second part of our adventure to Turbo..
Our luck takes a 180 degree turn…

Hitchhiking to Turbo 1

Con Subtítulos en español!
Most of the people told us not to go there and the media was also not saying good things about it like war, kidnapping, rebels,… We wanted see if its true so we went there, had some troubles and some awesome adventures… See what we experienced!

Hitchhiking Through Paradise

“Just thinking of the risks, we forget about our possibilities.”

This is the story of a person who managed to escape the prison of routine. See how traveling can change you into a better person and where life can take you, if you go out of your comfort zone…

The Life of a Hitchhiker

Hitchhiking is not always easy…

Hitchhiking to Monterrey 2

visiting one more friend and rushing to Mexico before my visa expires…

Hitchhiking to Monterrey 1

visiting one more friend and rushing to Mexico before my visa expires…

Hitchhiking to Denver

My way to Denver in about 4 days. The first time alone in a long time. Meeting an old friend, who gave us a ride earlier from Bellingham to Vancouver. Seeing the Rockies 3 times and being on my first bicycle-rave.