About Ale


My name is Alejandra Valdez Saucedo.

I was born and grew up in Monterrey(Mexico), a very big city surrounded by mountains. I’m the youngest daughter in a traditional family. I was always interested into human behaviour. I studied psychology and also practised  Buddhism and other self knowing methods.

Mountains around Monterrey

Because of little money and a lot of passion I travelled hitchhiking. I visited many places inside of the country, in the beginning alone, but later with friends. For me all of them were extremely deep experiences.

On top of the volcano Santa Ana(El Salvador)

But with the time passing, finishing school and working, getting into a routine and seeing how the health institutions don’t treat the origin of the problems, I decided to leave that system and look for alternative ways to help people to have a better psychological health.

One of the hidden beaches in Mexico you can just reach with a boat

I always thought that travelling expands our mental universe. I left my home to be confronted with the world on my own in another place,  meet more people face to face and live in other sceneries, looking for alternative ways of life. I learned a lot of things that helped me, even now, day by day.

Santa Fé de Veraguas in Panama

One day, one of my best friends told me that she returned to Monterrey from a travel. So I went there to visit her and how the tradition was we didn’t separate for weeks. On one of those days one weird guy visited her and he told me that he crossed the Atlantic with a thumb, was going down the same way since Alaska and was planing to do it until the South Pole, I was amazed. This boy was doing something that was just a dream for me. We talked a lot and I realized that we were looking for the same thing. We are travelling for freedom, for dreams, for consciousness, for us and for everybody. Among his words, the most meaningful for me was: “I want to make everybody see that there is a lot of good people in the world and together we will reach our dreams”

Puerto Angel(Mexico)

This guy invited me to go with him at least until Guatemala.
Now we are already travelling together as a loving couple since more than 2 years and we are not planing to stop so soon…

For me travelling by hitchhiking means to believe into the good of the world, to let yourself being taken by the wind while you know that you will be alright. fear is the main cause of suffering so to eliminate it I decided to give myself into the trust instead of the fear and chase my dreams. We are doing this for each person who has doubts about the good and its magic, about dreams and their gigantic reach. And for all the people who already dropped their fears too, off course!

One of our first hugs