About Gábor


Let me introduce myself…


My name is Gábor. I’m a born Austrian guy with Hungarian blood. Traveling, hitchhiking, experiencing, enjoying the world and its people since over 3 years. On the way I’m trying to capture as many photos and videos as I can to share my experiences, to inspire and to show that everybody can travel.

My home town Innsbruck (source: powerhounds.com)

It wasn’t always like this…

When I was young I didn’t have a lot of money to travel, so the only times I travelled was to neighbour countries with my parents, mostly to Hungary to visit family. Later I had an office job where I worked as a whole seller in a little company. In that job I had a bit more money, but now the time was missing. I travelled more and also had my first hitchhiking experience travelling to a Prodigy concert in Munich. But I didn’t have time for any big adventures.

Arriving in Deadhorse at the north end of the Panamericana

After 6 years of routine with little holidays, I broke free. I used an opportunity to leave my job. I lived for one year of savings and small jobs and took every chance I could get to travel all over Europe. It was amazing, but I wanted more.

Exploring the Darien Gap

I found out about and decided to hitchhike the Panamerican Highway from Alaska to the south tip of Argentina. In February 2013
I made myself the deadline to leave in the summer. I also added the South Pole as the final destination. Originally I wanted to do it in one year, but many coincidences such as the seasons of the South Pole, a sinking boat and crossing the Darien Gap delayed the end of my trip already to March 2018.


Do I regret it?…


Crossing the Darien Gap in an inflatable packraft




If anything, it changed my life and me to a better. Since I’m hitchhiking the Panamarican Highway I met loads of amazing people(friends) who taught me things about life and myself I never imagined to discover. I saw places on this planet I never dreamed of ever seeing in person and a huge number of locations I’ve never heard of before. And the best thing of them all is that I found Alejandra, my girlfriend and love since more than 2 years.

My love Alejandra at Puerto Escondido

Honestly, I don’t know if I will return 2018. There’s a lot more to see on this little planet…

Like sailing across the Pacific, Australia, Asia…

Hitchhiking (also known as thumbing, hitching, or autostop) is a means of transportation that is gained by asking people, usually strangers, for a ride in their auto mobile or other vehicle. A ride is usually, but not always, free.
Itinerants(Nomads) have also used hitchhiking as a primary mode of travel for the better part of the last century, and continue to do so today.

Hitchhiking in Dakar