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Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is the 3rd biggest island of the Canaries and while I was hithhiking a boat to cross the Atlantic I had 2 months to explore what it had to offer.
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Sailing for the first time

So I hitchhiked a boat to take me to the Canary Islands, heading for my biggest adventure until now. The only boats I’ve been on were on lakes, so I had no idea what was awaiting me. Continue reading Sailing for the first time


How I accidentally got to see Granada for a day.

Girona, September the 2nd 2013
So I was all by myself after my friends waved me goodbye and we continued into two opposite directions. They returned home to Austria and I headed alone to the American continent.
If its gonna work? I didn’t know, but at least I got to try. Continue reading Granada

Leaving Home

Innsbruck, 22.8.2013

The time has come. The time has finally come when I’m leaving my home in Innsbruck for the last time. Continue reading Leaving Home

Hitchhiking through Malaga

My bad luck changed and took me until Malaga

Hitchhiking through Chirivel

Making a wrong decision brings me to Chirivel with no way out but hiking to the next town…

my first videos were just for my friends… But they are getting better…

Hitchhiking through Murcia

After my first night alone on the way I woke up in Murcia…

I started making Videos just before leaving home, without anybody teaching me how to do it. Along the way I’m improving, be patient…