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Hitchhiking in Alaska

So the official project starts.. with a little wilderness and many adventures in Alaska

Hitchhiking to Deadhorse

The very fast trip from 100Mile House over the Highway of Tears to Jade City, Watson Lake, White Horse, Tok(Alaska), Fairbanks and Finally to Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay where my hitchhiking project to the South Pole finally starts.

Hitchhiking through 100 Mile House

an unexpected stop in a small town with a weird name and nice people..

Hitchhiking to Vancouver

Having a lot of adventures in Seattle, trying to hitch a boat in Bellingham, having a month brake in Vancouver to organize some things before Alaska and of course making a lot of new friends…

Hitchhiking LA, San Francisco, Portland

The beginning of the REAL hitchhiking in the US… with a new road mate…

Las Vegas

Friends, Party, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Death Valley, Horseshoe, Gambling…
what else can you wish for your birthday?

Surviving in the Everglades

My survival adventure for 7 days in the Everglades…


First time in the US and already so many adventures…

Exploring Barbados

Trapped on a beautiful but expensive island…

Sailing across the Atlantic Ocean

The summery of my sailing from Gibraltar to the Canary Islands to Africa to Barbados in the Caribbean