I’m very sure that most of you have heard of Gibraltar(Arabic for “Mountain of Tariq”), even if its just a tiny overseas territory. It is possible to be the last known holdout of the Neanderthals and has a lot of other history to tell.

The nature is so incredible. The mountain of Gibraltar producing clouds.
The east side of “The Rock”

With its 6.7 km2 (2.6 sq mi) it doesn’t seem so important or threatening, but for some reason over centuries everybody wanted it for himself. Amongst others the Vandals, Morocco, and even Austria(Karl IV.) were occupying the peninsula.
The last who planned to take it was Adolf Hitler, but he delayed it because of his attack on Russia.

The Upper Rock national reserve.

The value of this mountain is its position. Located on the south coast of Spain it is one of the closest European points to Africa and its right at the Atlantic entrance of the Mediterranean Ocean(Strait of Gibraltar) which is just 13 kms(8 miles) wide and gives the one, who controls it, a huge strategical advantage.

Hundreds of boats and ships are sailing daily through the strait of Gibraltar.

The mountain is also known as “the Rock of Gibraltar” and inhabits at its foot more than 30000 Gibraltarians who are mainly of British and Spanish origin. Most of them speak both languages, which they sometimes combine into a very rare mix also called “Spanglish”.(Encountering it the first time, it was almost impossible for me to understand)

The calm and safe streets of Gibraltar.

“Gib” is for me one of the safest places in the world. The police is mainly focusing on drugs(Canabis) and if there is a bar fight it seems that all police officers of the “country” appear. You can take a walk in the pretty city without any worries about security.

Everybody is preparing for the national holidays.

The Gibraltarians are patriotic and very proud of their independence of Spain. Their biggest National holiday is to celebrate that by dressing up in the colours red and white, music and having a big firework.

The stairs zigzagging down the back of the mountain.

If you leave the populated area there are a lot of paths and ways through the nature reserve of the peninsula. Which you can explore during a relaxed day-hike.

The mountains of Morocco.

If the weather is good, you can also see the mountains of Africa in the distance…

Waiting for the sunset.

…and enjoy a beautiful sunset over Spain.

Monkey babies playing.

During the hike its impossible to not run into the other inhabitants of Gibraltar.

Land of the apes.

I wanted to go on this hike as early as possible so I took my breakfast with me. Short time after I stopped to rest and eat, a group of monkeys came, one of them ripped my bread out of my hand and sat down 2 metres(6 feet) from me. (This was an accident, don’t feed the monkeys!!)

Young model.

As compensation for that I got the unique chance to take this amazing pictures.

This family just saved their young from drowning.

The about 230 Barbary macaques are the only wild Monkeys in Europe. A superstition says that when the already endangered species leaves the rock, the British do with them.

This cheeky monkey just tried to open my backpack, but had to pose for the camera.

Most of the monkeys, like this one, are not scared of humans and they know that we have food. They steal what ever they can, run away with it and check later, even if its your backpack with your camera…

Jumping over the Bunkers.

The time has carved a lot of natural caves into the limestone which the Neanderthal used as shelter and later civilizations strengthened and turned into bunkers.

One of many abandoned paths.

Most of them are closed but you can make a paid tour through a part of them where they tell you a lot about the history of the rock. I was lucky to meat some locals who gave me a free tour through a part of it that is not accessible for the public.

The ghost town inside of the bunker, scary…

We went in through a hidden entrance and had to use flash lights because there was absolutely zero light in there and because it is not prepared for tourists, its very dangerous. You could hit your had or fall into a 10 metre(30 feet) deep hole.


You can get lost in the 40kms(30 miles) of cave systems and nobody will come to check for you.

Exploring the cave, hoping to not fall.

Because many stairs broke during the time and ladders were either stolen or removed we had to climb in some parts. We didn’t know for sure if the stone will hold our weight. Nothing for weak nerves…

A cool interpretation of the coat of arms.

In the time I was hitchhiking a boat I always had something to do on this little place. I was surprised how much Gibraltar has to offer. I will definitely return.

Do you want more? Here’s a small video summary:

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  1. How nice! I really enjoyed reading your post. Now I want to go there… I really didn’t know that there are monkeys in Europe…
    Subscribed and shared, people should know about you!

  2. That’s awesome. It’s really nice to go and explore on your own. It’s exciting and fun. I wouldn’t actually go into an abandoned bunker but thanks for sharing your experience!

  3. I remember learning about the rock of gibraltar a looooong time ago in Catholic religion class. I had never seen an actual photo. Gorgeous!

  4. I love your pictures! Gorgeous areas and views! The monkey has a sweet spot in his view! 🙂 I wouldn’t mind visiting someday.

  5. Wow I didn’t know it could look like this, is amazing, so nice I should go soon, it looks you had amazing time for sure.

  6. Enjoyed reading this! I don’t know much about the place but it looks and sounds like a great place to visit, I’ll have to add it to my list! Loved the photos too.

  7. Very interesting article, I never knew about it, but for sure now will put it on my list. I would love to visit the caves, but will make sure someone who knows them takes us. Thanks for sharing.

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