Hitchhiking in Gibraltar

The summary of what I did in the time I was in Giraltar

16 thoughts on “Hitchhiking in Gibraltar”

  1. OMG WHAT AN AMAZING experience! I have always wanted to go to Gibraltar because um, I JUST LOVE TRAVELING and experiencing new things and now… I need and want to go EVEN MORE!

  2. Do not forget to buy everything that you need in La Linea, because food is 2-4 times more expensive in Gibraltar than in La Linea.

  3. Hey, there’s a monkey on your back! This looks like such an amazing adventure. I wish it were safer for women to do something like this.

  4. It looks tiring but always worth it! It’s awesome that you got to tour Gibraltar that way. I wasn’t sure what they have to offer until I saw this video.

  5. I hope to make it there one day and to do as much as you did. WOW! What a memorable trip and experience.

  6. Gibraltar isn’t someplace I ever thought to visit but your video does a good job of showing why it’s worth considering. Of course you’ve got to be prepared to do some hiking and that’s … hmm, not always what I want to do on vacation

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