Leaving Home

Innsbruck, 22.8.2013

The time has come. The time has finally come when I’m leaving my home in Innsbruck for the last time. Lolo is calling me that they are waiting in the car downstairs. We are heading for the yearly Spain holidays from which my friends will return and I will initiate my 1,5 year journey which I’m planing since half a year.. My 45 kilo luggage plus the stuff for Spain is already packed, I’m checking one more time if I really got everything, because later there is no way back. When I arrive downstairs, Yuki and Loli are already waiting for me. We greet each other with the usual brotherly hug and after we put all the stuff save into the car we go to pick up Widmann, who I don’t know yet. Afterwards we start our 2 day ride to Olot(Spain). We are planning to get some sleep on the beach in Montpelier(France). We are taking a little detour to a resting area to check if I can find my camera, which I lost about a month ago on my Les Calanques journey. All my Venice photos are on it too so I really want it back.

Sadly we have no success…

A photo from an earlier Calanques journey

On the way we are listening to an exclusive selection of classic rock, German gangster rap and electronic music and are drinking next to good conversations the one or the other beer.(off course just the non-drivers) After a long day drive Lolli and Yuki open as well their well earned beer and we party on the beach with a group of French girls and a bottle of wine into the late night. Very late we finally lay down in the sand and fall asleep to the sound of the waves.

Sleeping in our million star hotel

In the morning, woken up by the first sun rays and the heat, we head on our way to Olot to hang out in a natural reserve, to climb, to enjoy the fresh clear water of the canyon creek and to sleep under the clear sky in just a sleeping bag. Flo, Bernd, Max and Martin went ahead some days before to enjoy the time climbing.

The way to our camp in Olot

As we arrive, it turns out to be pretty difficult to contact the others because there is no cellular reception. So we have to wait till somebody comes to pick us up at the parking area. But waiting isn’t hard in good company and with our little time machines… After about an hour our friends arrive to escort us to our campsite. The camp is about half an hour away. In the end we have to boulder around a slope above the creek, which is a bit difficult with all our stuff. But after an adrenalin fuelled excitement we all reach our goal dry…

The slope was slippery and there was almost nothing to hold onto

In the night we make a little bonfire and are having a reunion party until a park ranger jeep stops close to us up the slope. We extinguish the fire as fast as we can and hide on the side of the cliff. When the rangers start yelling something in Spanish, we know that we were to slow… We don’t react, remain in our hiding spots and follow from there the rays of there flash lights of the guards. They are trying to carefully climb down into the canyon but at the slope they don’t know how to proceed and give up because they are too scared to fall and finally withdraw…

Bonfire talks

After three days of relaxed celebrating, climbing and exploring, we leave the wonderful piece of nature and head to the Costa Brava to meet the rest minus one of the crew and to finally occupy the Villa.

The water was unbelievably cold, but we anyway were always inside

After a bit of phoning around to find out the rendezvous point of the others, we are meeting the last car with Konstantin, Tobi, Jakob, Obi and Felix. Of course first we have to drink a beer before we head to the agency to pick up the key for the house. The agency just knows about 8 people and thinks we are all over 25 so we have to hide or wait somewhere.
After the guys arrive back with the keys, we have to wait for about 2 more hours till the house is ready. This time we spend with a small piece of a big pipe and do stupid things until we can finally drive to the Villa…

What do a bunch of creative heads do when they find construction waste?


To be continued…

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