A lot of thanks to all the people who helped me realising this project! Each kilometre I/we moved and will move is possible because of YOU


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Thanks to the awesome people who took me/us for free with their vehicle further to my/our destination risking their life with a stranger:

Albert, Daniel, Mario, Marie Christine, Antonio, Juan Carlo, Antonio, Davinia, Pedro, Izmael, Clara, Luka, Zsizsi, Tasey, Lain, Alon, Elias, Victoria and Family, Darwin, Dennis,  Carl, David, Ruben, Jesman, Kiwi, Thomas, Tracey, Julia, Lauren, Rick, Kathrine, Andy, Anna, Albert, James, Ray, James, James, Mike, Laura, Lauren, Lukas, Aneta, Wern, Claude, Roy, Patty, Joe, Kevin, Dipak, Andrew, Greg, Ken, Wayne, Randy, Ari, Erik, Mike, Aaron, Rhed, Jill, Don, Jack, Bart, Rick, De Lois, Grady, Christal, Rich, Miles, Brian, Heidi, Roli, Louise and Son, Eric, Marc, Chris, Lars, John, Joe, John, Conny, Cheryl, Lenora, Wonda, Marie, Loyd, Fred, Rex, Bill, Steve, Dan, Annette, Chuck, Sharon, Darien, Scott, Fred, Pat, Johan, Alex, Lena, Tamás, Matthieu, Warren, Paul, Dave, Trevor, Brandon, Tylor, Sheryl, Betty, Amanda, Chrissi, John, Randy, Dave, Stephanie, Darrell, Scott, Alex, Bill, Skyler, Cage, Glenda, Jose, Ed, Willi, Marc, Willi, Antonio, Frank, Mary, Jim, Alvaro, James, Derrik, Aaron, Erik, Rea, Nick, Lisandro, Brian, Evelyn, Gabi, Mario, Mario, Melanie, Mathew, Patricia, Carlos, Alejo, Javier, Antonio, Jose, Carmenza, Frederique, Romerique, Takeyoshi, Manuel, David, Pablo, Monika, Archemido, Clement, Alice, Alejandro, Diego, Adriana, Jose, Daniel, Anna, Camilo, Carlos, Daniel,


Thanks to the incredible guys who invited me/us to their homes for free and treated us like family without even knowing us:

Michal, Niki, Zuriñe, Ale, Eva, Raffa, Enrique, Musaad, Ann, Darwin, John, Chad, Kwan, Julia, Lauren, Rick, Andrew, Miguel, Mike, Noah, Hertzi, Amelie, Rory, Kelly, Ira, Tyler, Lydia, Rochelle, Jidda Bug, Peter, Zerlene, Morgan, Saker, Steve, Sebastien, Patty, Joe, Rhandy, Jill, Don, Danny, Adam, Benny, Jeff, Mike, Alina, Gabrielle, Johan, Nikki, Shelly, Jasmine, Hannah, Michael, Dannis, Veronica, James, Ross, Aaron, Mario, Mathew, Patricia, Eddi, Roberto, Familia Valdez, Yani, Alejandro, Roberto, Matthew, Martin, Itzel, Miguel, Manuel, Carlo, Enrique, Fabian, Phillippe, Betoo, Xiomara, Alejandra, Maria, Frederique, Romerique, Takeyoshi, Familia Arias, Romulo, Familia Lopez, Eterio, Familia Hernandez, Olos Family, Nikolaus’s Familie, Aureliano, Ubaldino, Juan, Alvaro, Carlos,

If the unthinkable happened and I forgot your name and/or photo, please tell me and I will add it and correct my mistake as fast as possible…